About Us

A collection of enthusiastic Guides  combining as a team, Sharing well founded knowledge, covering all aspects of our Island cultural events throughout time.

Breathtaking Beaches

Our Island has existed some 8000 years, with the granite that has been sculptured through time, existing some 600 million years ago.

From volcanic rocks the surfaces were eroded by violent flash floods, formed as conglomerates ('Puddingstone')- sedimentary rocks.

Our Beaches that surround these shores are washed twice daily, within the Bay of Mt. St. Michel.

From East facing Normandy France , with the West facing the Atlantic.

Jersey was once a high 'plateau' facing from north to south, that captures earliest golden sunshine of the years beginning.

Our shared values

  1. Experiencing a connection with specialists Guides
  2. Accommodating ,for you our full range for your experience
  3. Understanding your personal desires, is the difference we wish to share with you
  4. Metaphor of a jigsaw – bringing all the pieces showing the differences,  how they all fit together
  5. Connection to the subtlety of what makes Jersey your special place to visit
  6. Sharing - enjoying - exploring - full days of pleasure
  7. Demonstrating broad interests and knowledge
  8. Passion for the past, understanding our future!

Meet the Guides

Sue - Jersey Tourist Bronze Badge Guide 2020

Islander born, raised with my family history that goes back to the 1300’s. Sharing my passion, providing the visitor with experiences of Jersey.

Strive Jersey

Exploring the extremity of Outward Bound challenges.

Vanessa - Jersey Tourist Bronze Guide 2020.

German-language themed topics, specific to our local industry, arts, crafts:- Whether a full or half day tours, designed simply to visit unique places on Jersey island.

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