Specialist guides, covering sport, orienteering, genealogy, plus our unique Norman laws, all within the island of Jersey.  Each of our designated tours uncover social & military activities.

Tour Categories


Stephen or Will - Challenging the Experiences. Orienteering through our 'green lanes' - coastline, with sports themes.


Sue Gorin - 'Shaking the Tree'- discover your 'Roots' - with family ornithology, stepping into the 'Wide World, from this Island.


Vanessa - Out of the 'Classroom', discovering images, that portrays your experiences of Jersey unique inspirations.


Discovery through our 'Green Lanes', following our 'Shoreline', an opportuity to explore the local culture, food, traditions, adding another dimension, plus further boosting your 'Experience'!

Food - A Taste of Jersey - Fresh as the sea that surrounds Jersey.

Relate to our freshness, where Jersey true flavours originated, taste our fresh environment! at it's best - to see,- to smell the colours - wet your appetite! Increasingly seeking Jersey unqueness.


Jersey climate is enhanced by being situated in the Bay of Mt. St. Michel, 20 kilometers west offshore from the French Normandy coast.

History - Cultural Influence

Origins from the Bay of Mt. St. Michel. So close to France, - Yet still not British.

Island Fortresses .

A Island Fortress, in the Bay of Mt. St. Michel, defending the Atlantic Western coastline of Normandy France, satisfying Hitler's quest to Occupy, 'British dependency'.


Orienteering - Surfing the Atlantic shoreline, Activities - Intergration of sports tourism with cultureal tourism is 'Gaming' attendtion.

STRIVE- Health & Fitness

Strive is more than just a health club. It’s a community Building balance - Developing awareness, Strength, Flexibility plus Relaxation.

Sea Shore, Beaches.

‘Jersey' the last outpost between Great Britain and Europe marvelling at the depth of history within this beautiful Bay of Mt. St. Michel.

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