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A team of passionate local experts, who share their knowledge, to help you discover what makes Jersey so unique

Bespoke Tours

Experience Jersey brings together a group of fully qualified guides, offering tours of our Island  to your requirements, ensuring that we maximise the most of your stay with us. From micro-tours, through walking, coach to minibus tours.
Let us help you 'experience' all that our island has to offer.

Fully Insured

As fully professional Tourist Guides, we are either covered with the Institute of Tourist Guiding UK, along with Jersey Tourist Guide Association.

Qualified Guides

Rémi Couriard.
Blue Badge.
Institute of Tourist Guiding.
Sue Gorin.
Jersey. - Bronze Guide.
Melanie Cavey.
Jersey. Bronze Guide.
Vanessa Linden
Jersey. Bronze Guide.
Andrew Begg.
Jersey. Bronze Guide
Geoffrey Reakes.
 Jersey Bronze Guide.
Will Glenn.
'Cycle Adventure'.

A brief introduction of Jersey

Despite it''s size, Jersey has a wealth of history, with our heritage, complimented by our natural beauty for you to discover. All of which is waiting to be discovered by you. From the natural forces that shaped Jersey, the Castles that defended it, with the industries that built it, through to the recent Occupation which still marks the landscape:-join our guides, and explore with, Experiences of Jersey.

Guided by experts

Experience Jersey, brings together a group of Jersey-qualified guides who have a range of interests. Covering architecture, archaeology; medieval to 20th-century history each of our guides brings together a wealth of knowledge, sharing their expertises.

Unfolding Jersey throughout the ages, demonstrating Jersey Islanders prospering, entrepreneurial wisdom, through these people who made it famous!

Discovering ours hidden gems, experiencing all that Jersey has to offer.

that substantiate our credibility

Jonathan Carter, Director Jersey Heritage“ I hope that VisitJersey is able to work with these guides to develop the future potential of guiding with Jersey Heritage. Who is enthusiastic to join in supporting any such initiative to make the most of everything the island has to offer.” Jonathan Carter, Director, Jersey Heritage

Jonathan Carter, Director, Jersey Heritage

“Recent experience shows that those who partake in their tours are more discerning about the quality of information and the way it is communicated.” Sandy Cornish, Operations Manager, Tailored Travel, London

Sandy Cornish, Operations Manager, Tailored Travel, London

References received These guides who impart authoritative knowledge about the unique history and culture of our island, must surely be the bedrock of any mature tourism destination. Former Senator Jean Le Maistre, MBE. “

Jersey Tourism Industry, along with Jersey Hospitality.

“I am aware of the quality of these guides, as they often bring groups to see our garden at Les Aix in St Peter, and they add so much to the visitors' experience.” Ariel Whatmore, Les Aix, St Peter

Ariel Whatmore, Les Aix, St Peter

One appreciates their efforts to show Jersey off to discerning visitors by finding more unusual places to show, especially visitors from the Continent which adds so much value to the visitors' experience. Simon Crowcroft, Connétable de St Hélier. “

Simon Crowcroft, Connétable de St Hélier. “

“Having worked with Rémi as the Programme Director of the Institute of Tourist Guiding England - Blue Badge Jersey guides. I have every confidence that they can provide professional tours, coming from highly successful programmes.” Nicky Godfrey-Evans, MITG, Cultural Tourism Training, Cumbria

Nicky Godfrey-Evans, MITG,

Tour Categories


Sue Gorin - 'Shaking the Tree'- discovers your 'Roots' - with family ornithology, stepping into the 'Wide World, from this Island.


Orienteering - Surfing the Atlantic. Ragged north-facing cliffs, to sandy tranquil beaches. Activities with the integration of sports have gained attention.


Vanessa - Out of the 'Classroom', experiences discovering images, that portrays your understanding of Jersey's unique  Maritime features.

Meet the Guides

Rémi - Blue Badge Institute of Tourist Guiding

One of Jersey’s leading tourist guides:- Remi Couriard has a wealth of knowledge relating to Jersey's history. Programme Director, Guide Training.

Strive Jersey

Exploring the extremity of Outward Bound challenges.

Featured Partners

Splash Surf Centre

Splash Surf Centre

The Splash Surf Centre operates from the iconic Splash Surf ‘shack’ (Water Splash venue, St. Ouens Bay), which has been at the heart of Jersey surfing since the early 1960s. Our passion, and enthusiasm, along with knowledgeable staff aim to get you standing as quickly as possible, understanding surfing and the ocean. You’ll find us vibrant, full of energy with a family feel, where surfing history meets 'Great waves'! That keeps rolling on until Sundown! Fabien Amy Operations Manager
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The original surf school was started in 1971 by South African lifeguards. Today, our professional, friendly team continues the tradition by offering lessons and coaching to everyone who wants to learn to surf. Our instructors love surfing and love teaching; it’s a passion you’ll find here. Our teachers are fully trained and qualified; safety is always our priority. Our passionate, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff aim to get you standing as quickly as possible using their understanding and training in surfing and the ocean. Here at the Splash Surf Centre, you’ll find a vibrant place, with a family feel, where surfing history meets modern nightlife and great waves keep the fun rolling on until Sundown! This is the hottest surf spot on the Island and the best place to be!

Lakeys Cycle Hire

Lakeys Cycle Hire

Discovering our 'Green Lanes', including following along our 'Shoreline'. With Jersey-born Andy plus Lucy's passion brings all that is cycle-related experiences that spans over 30 years. Both are certified as first-aiders and ride leaders.
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At Lakeys, we've been fortunate to swiftly emerge as Jersey's premier bike rental and tour company. Our weekly e-bike tours offer the ultimate way to discover Jersey's beauty. Our friendly, locally-born team is thrilled to help you 'experience' the island like as true local. Join us on the road for an unforgettable adventure!

hapi lifestyle

hapi lifestyle

Hapi is a lifestyle store selling clothing, footwear and accessories from Animal, Banana Moon, Billabong, ON, Hey Dude and many more. Hapi is a retail store inspired by a coastal lifestyle where fitness integrates into daily life.
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Named after the Egyptian god of water, Hapi was born out of a love for island living; fresh sea air and enjoying the beautiful beaches and water that surrounds us. Created out of a passion for an active lifestyle and our natural environment, we are a premium active brand with sustainability at our heart. Our mission is to empower a happy active lifestyle, build and work with sustainable quality products, for our healthier happy planet, whilst putting Jersey on the map as an active ambassador. Run, swim, surf, Gym, play Hapi has you covered.

Strive Health Club

Strive Health Club

Strive is more than just a health club, It's a community! They offer a holistic approach, balancing five key pillars of mind, movement, fitness, nutrition and recovery to support you on your wellness journey.
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