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Strive is more than just a health club. It’s a community Building balance - Developing awareness, Strength, Flexibility plus Relaxation.

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Enjoyable to exhaustion, with all that you request on offer, covering 'Specialists' topics.

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As Professional Tourist guides, we all carry - Personal liability insurance.

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Comprehensively trained, qualified with International accredited programmes, related to Tourism requirements.

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Sample our tours. We offer our suggestions of past tours, which may peak your interest, or be a good starting point to build on for your group’s next adventure.

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Tour Categories


Challenging the Experiences. Orienteering through our 'green lanes'  coastline, with sports themes as inspiration achievements.


Jersey's climate is enhanced by being situated in the Bay of Mt. St. Michel, some 20 kilometres west offshore from the French Normandy coast.


Orienteering - Surfing the Atlantic. Ragged north-facing cliffs, to sandy tranquil beaches. Activities with the integration of sports have gained attention.