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In 2008 Jersey public art strategy was commissioned to distil key principles, that help the provision of public Arts, assisting the implementation of the percentage for art strategy. According to the strategy public art should: • Respond to Island context and sense of place. • Support local events – e.g. Liberation Day, Fête dé Noué • Include temporary works • Engage with local artists

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The Creative Artist and a Sense of Place -  by Rod McLoughlin


Although Jersey may not take advantage of its connections with creative writers, musicians plus artists to the extent that other places do,there network of associations have helps us understand the Island’s unique place in the modern world.  Writers and other creative artists are linked to the Island in a variety of ways: by birth, as official appointees, as visitors (whether holidaymakers or to see friends) or, in the case of Victor Hugo, as an exile from France.  The view of the Island from the perspective of the outsider or, more rarely, the Jersey-born writer who has had success in the wider world, provides testimony to Jersey’s position as an autonomous, Dependency of the Crown, neither English nor French, yet drawing from its relations with both.

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