Flora and Fauna of Jersey

Streams drain the island, through valleys, largely running from north to south, which shelter woodland and wet meadows, whilst the north, west, and southwest cliffs support a range of heathland habitats of European importance. Atlantic Dunes facing west

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Our Landscape began as a Tropical desert, Volcanic rocks were eroded by violent flash floods then Reform as conglomerate, 'Pudding stone'. Those rounded pebbles of volcanic rocks were cemented together with red dessert sand- (sedimentary rocks). These times over half of Jersey's land surface is used for some form of agriculture, rich from the nutrients, inherited from evolution of time.  Over the last 400 years Dunes makeup a large a significant portion of St Ouen's Bay area regarded also of international importance for their flora and invertebrate fauna.

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Wartime in Jersey

Jersey has always been an Island with 'Fortifications', situated close to Normandy France. Then Adolf Hitler planned 'A Land Battle Ship', Jersey once more became an Island dominated by 20th-century 'Fortifications'.

Top 10 Jersey Beaches

Our Island is only 8000 years in its making however, our golden beaches, have been sculpted from 600 million years of evolving through several types of geology. That all began as a 'Tropical desert' now situated within the Bay of Mt. St. Michel.

Our Island has more to offer than just the views!

Over the centuries Islanders have faced numerous challenges including, threat of invasions, occupation, continuing the need to diversify their means of earning a livelihood around them. Resilience, creativity, have shown over the centuries by still guarding its historic constitution.